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Construction and Engineering Disputes

Whether you have building work carried out at your home or you as a developer or builder are involved in carrying out work at commercial premises under a high value construction agreement you need sound legal advice if there is any dispute. Normally all these types of disputes are covered by a special protocol called the Construction and Engineering Protocol that the law obliges you to follow in the event of any kind of construction and engineering dispute.

The protocol obliges you to try and settle your dispute out of Court and appoint a surveyor to review the work to try and assist in settling the dispute. These type of matters are best resolved if you can obtain sound legal advice at an early stage from experts who understand the Protocol and have thorough knowledge of the construction industry. We have that knowledge and we have a good relationship with a number of local surveyors, which in turn helps us to help you settle your disputes.

So if itís some building work at your home or your workplace that you have had a problem with or you are involved in a construction project as a developer or a business and you need sound advice look no further than our firm.

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