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Commercial Lease Disputes including rent arrears, dilapidation, lease renewal and forfeiture claims

Whether you are a business tenant or Landlord, getting into difficulty with your lease and your tenancy is an unwelcome distraction from running your business. There are also different rules that apply specifically to commercial leases on which you need to take specialist legal advice. Whether you are a Landlord or Tenant having difficulty with rent payments, wish to get out of your lease, make a new lease or deal with a dilapidations claim, our expert team has specialist knowledge to help resolve your dispute.

We prefer it that disputes do not develop in business and like to work with our business clients at an early stage to minimise the chances of a lease dispute arising by providing sound, sensible advice meeting your commercial requirements. However if that is not possible and a dispute arises we will staunchly defend your interests through taking a firm stance in negotiations on your behalf and any Court Proceedings that may be required to achieve a successful outcome.

No dispute is too small or too complex and our expert team have a proven track record settling commercial Lease Disputes in and out of Court including matters relating to a development that has changed the face of Sheffield.

If you require our expert assistance contact us so we can arrange to meet you at one of our offices near you.