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Shareholder and other Business disputes

Going into business, by becoming a director, member or shareholder of a company or by going into partnership is a big decision. If things do not work out you need to seek the right legal advice quickly in order to protect your position.

At Norrie Waite and Slater we have the expertise in place to protect your business interests by providing practical advice that is legally sound while taking into account the commercial realities that are part and parcel of being in business. Whether you are a director, shareholder, partner or have any other role in a business then look no further than us for your legal advice.

We prefer it that disputes do not develop in business and like to work with our business clients at an early stage in their development to minimise the chances of a dispute arising by providing sound, sensible advice. However if that is not possible and a dispute arises we will staunchly defend your interests through taking a firm stance in negotiations on your behalf and any Court Proceedings that may be required to achieve a successful outcome.

If you require our expert assistance contact us so we can arrange to meet you at one of our offices near you.